Delivery Man

Not great. Good premise with lots of potential but it wasn’t executed well. Frankly I was bored half way through it. The main problem is we never find out what the main character needs in order to be complete. What’s his motivation? Is it curiosity? Is it to be a better father? Is it to be normal? I will say that I felt Vince Vaughn played the part well. He made the character likable. Wait for the DVD. 5/10.

About Time

Surprisingly great. I say surprisingly because I went to the theater not knowing anything about it except that it was a romantic movie my wife wanted to see. However, it had a really good story and it had time travel. How can you go wrong with time travel? It had one major flaw and I keep seeing this in movies lately. There was no way to know what the main character wanted. Therefore there’s no clear end to the movie. It feels like the movie may go on and on until the writer feels we’ve had enough. In this case I didn’t mind it much because the ending helps us make sense of the movie and the characters are fun to watch. 8/10.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Awesome movie. Stop reading this review and just go see it. The visuals are great. The story is great. Great acting. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s based on a best selling novel. I have not read the book but I have been told it’s pretty faithful to the story. Here’s another thing I like about this movie: it doesn’t feel rushed. Harry Potter movies (also based on best selling novels) often feel rushed to me. It’s like they’re trying to jam as much of the book as they can in the movie. The Hunger Game movies don’t feel that way to me. Is it worth seeing it in the theater? Yes. 9/10.

Thor: The Dark World

I liked this movie better than the first one. The first Thor movie ranked pretty low on my list of superhero movies along with Captain America. My favorites in the series were the Iron Man movies and The Avengers movie. However, I did like Thor 2. The story kept me interested the entire movie and there were a couple of surprises. The characters were likable. Is it worth seeing in the theaters? Nah, wait for the DVD. 6/10

Ender’s Game


Good movie. It follows the book pretty well. The visuals are impressive. My only complaint is that it felt rushed. There wasn’t enough time to get to know Ender as a person, much less the other characters. This was one instance where I wish the movie had followed the book a little less. It’s worth seeing at the theater because of the special effects. Would I see it again? Sure, when it comes out on DVD. 7/10